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  • 03 VA Editors Choice Vol. 2

03 VA Editors Choice Vol. 2


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1. Saxomania - Tu Loco Y Yo Tranquilo
2. Grupo Latin Vibe - Pa' Los Bravos
3. Oriente - Sin Palabras
4. Alex Wilson - Antonio
5. Bob Desena - Moroccan Mambo
6. Lex Eazy & The Mambo Club - Breakaway
7. Samuray Kuba - Nunca Me Podran Tumbar
8. Contrabando - Maria
9. Deldongo ? Fait Divers
10. Dave Santiago & Latin Affair - El Cuarto De Tula
11. 3D Ritmo de Vida - Mi Amor Eterno
12. La Tremenda - Lunes La Semana Completa

Overall, a great listening experience, and much thought has obviously been put into the sequencing of the songs to ensure a steady flow from beginning to end. This will be a useful tool for a lot of DJ's, but also a very good purchase for anyone who loves listening to Salsa music in all it's forms. SalsaCentral

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